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The world’s leading interactive investor

Interactive is eating the world. Let’s play the future, together.

We invest in pioneering content, technology, and social commerce companies that enable and amplify our agency and self-expression through integration of our digital and physical lives.

Our Investment Thesis For Interactive

Since our inception in 2018, Galaxy Interactive has been one of the most active venture investors in the space. We are the only early-stage venture fund investing holistically in gaming, media, underlying, infrastructure, web3 technologies, and marketplaces powering our digital identities.

Our team provides decades of specialized operating experience across all levels of game, product, and business development. We support and advance innovative founders around the world via unparalleled sector expertise, curated community services, and a deep network of functional experts passionate about building transformative experiences and products.

Our approach is based on a simple thesis: Technology is trending digital, open, and immersive as content, technology, and social commerce converge and therefore become fundamentally interactive.

001 · The ubiquity of virtual worlds will force us to revisit long-held assumptions around the meaning of “real,” from the content we consume to the objects we own.

002 · New communities and economies will be created in the convergence between our physical and digital lives.

003 · The power of play can and will foster a healthy sense of community, place, and purpose.

004 · The digital paradigm will evolve from exploiting user data to enabling user intent.

005 · Digital spaces have the power to provide access, inclusion, and opportunity rather than escape.